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An introduction

Welcome to my database of late eighteenth- to early nineteenth- century Roman artistic journals.

By clicking on the ‘Database’ tab above, you will find a digitized library of ten of Rome’s central artistic journals published between 1779 and 1834 (listed below).

Then, by clicking on any individual journal, you will see listed a number of volumes. Simply click on a volume (e.g. ‘Efemeridi letterarie 1’) to access a PDF of the text. I have made all texts searchable using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Indeed, even on occasions where the text is not a clear as I would have hoped (due to the need to compress the files in order to upload them to this site), the search function is still fully functional.

I hope this proves a useful resource for anyone researching in this understudied field. Whichever referencing style is used, this website should be acknowledged in the usual manner.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries at:

Lucy Russell
PhD student, University of Oxford


1) Efemeridi letterarie di Roma
(1772-98, 1806)

2) Antologia romana

3) Giornale delle belle arti e della incisione, antiquaria, musica, e poesia

4) Memorie per le belle arti

5) Monumenti antichi inediti ovvero Notizie sulle antichità e belle arti di Roma
(1784-89, 1805)

6) Memorie enciclopediche romane sulle belle arti, antichità ec.

7) Memorie enciclopediche sulle antichità e belle arti di Roma
(1817, 1819)

8) Giornale arcadico di scienze, lettere, ed arti

9) Effemeridi letterarie di Roma

10) Memorie romane di antichità e di belle arti

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